There are some skills which are interwoven in the fabric of our life and there are some legacies which are passed down over the generations. For the better part of the past century, JASH Fabrics has had the fortune of being besotted with both these gifts.

Our Humble Journey…

Our beginnings were like our core values- simple, elegant and with zeal to serve.  Our family made its first strand in 1948 and we have been growing and flourishing ever since!  We started off as traders of cotton fabrics and soon made our foray into a diverse array of fabrics.

Today, we are the pioneers in producing wide and varied types of fabrics, ranging from satin to exotic velvet.  We trade in elegant fabrics which are created with the finest quality and with the finest methods. After all, this is what we have been doing for close to a century!

Our Excellence over the Period….

Our fabrics are used mainly in religious spheres- from clothing for idols to backdrops in religious establishments. Our fabrics find their purpose in all the places of worships- temples, churches and mosques. Keeping that in mind, we design these fabrics with utmost care and regard- something that corroborates with our business values. The fabrics, available in different textures and colors, find place in every religious setting available.

Other than religious establishments, our fabrics also find use in creating liveliness and beauty in homes and hospitality industry. We manufacture a wide variety of fabrics, which find purpose ranging from aesthetic décor to garments and costumes. The texture and material of the fabric goes a long way in adding to the charm and exquisiteness of the garments.

Today, we have become a global presence in the field of fabrics. Our commitment to quality and excellence have enabled to us to create a niche in the domestic as well as foreign market. We are deemed as the exotic exporters in the world of fabric!


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