You cannot judge a book by its cover. True fabric is what it feels and the lustre that dazzles the mind. Pictures do not do the full justice to the finesse and texture of any fabric. You need to hold it, let your finger fondle it and feel it to reveal its sheer magic against the skin. We are proud of our fabric that possess unsurpassed versatility, thanks to their diverse properties in texture and design.

This is what makes us urge you to order our catalogues. Go ahead and order the full catalogue from us. We promise to refund the catalogue price if you place a bulk order with us.

We have prepared our catalogues for our wholesale customers to enrich the about our product base and let them experience the richness and innovativeness of the fabrics produced by Jash Fabrics. You can browse through our online swatches and click for the ordering the catalogue of the same category.

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